RanchSmith Wilderness
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Ranch Smith is located in the wilderness of beautiful native Northern California. Our private and fully secured ranch is thirty acres and is fully surrounded by miles of untouched California forest. Our private land is fully secluded for acres and includes all the natural occurrences of serious wildlife, fish, breathtaking vistas and gorgeous weather. The environment is simply perfect. Our perfectly maintained hiking and off-road trails are miles long and brings you through scenery that offers something new to all of your scenses everytime. Ranch Smith is near the peak summit of the forest providing a view that overlooks the entire area. The majestic Yuba River is a short hike from our compound and offers even more nature for your enjoyment. No matter what season your tastes are, the wilderness and surroundings of Ranch Smith is second to none in beautiful Sierra Northern California. But don't take our word for it. Click on the photos link above and take a look at a few actual untouched photographs of the wilderness at Ranch Smith!